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PlayStation maker Sony has quadrupled the amount of money it expects to lose this financial year in a profit warning it blamed on smartphones. I'll give you three quid if you take these smartphones off my hands. Sony described it as "the impairment of goodwill in the mobile communications segment...
Quake Live is a seriously beautiful game. The fluidity, the colours, the mindboggling levels of skill it can accommodate... it's easy to forget the appeal until you see the game in action. There's also a certain '90s nostalgia attached to the series as a whole, which is compounded by the Moby-esque...
There comes a time when successful mods become too big for the games they’re modifications for. This appears to be the case with Minecraft mod CivCraft, with its creators announcing that Praxis, a standalone game based on CivCraft, is in development by a new studio devoted to the project.
Bungie told Joystiq today that it will roll out a number of post-launch improvements for its multiplayer online shooter Destiny, and notes that it has already "more than doubled" the number of public events players will encounter throughout its world.
Robot. Dinosaurs. Images posted on a Chinese forum present the next game from Killzone series creator Guerrilla Games, according to the forum member and corroborating reports. The two pictures show giant robot dinosaurs fighting against Viking-esque human warriors in a snowy landscape.
Microsoft bought Mojang yesterday—you may have heard something about that. You may also have heard grumblings from some corners of the community that Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson "sold out" by taking the money and abandoning his game—and, by extension, his millions of adoring fans—to...
Sims 4 Diaries: The Cube of Despair PG 09:01AM PDT Sep 16, 2014
This is Henry. He’s a loner, a slob, and a glutton. He loves nothing more than sitting on the couch, shoveling junk food into his mouth, and staring at the TV. The traits I set when I created him mean that the more time he spends on his own, and on the sofa, the happier he is.
2K Sports announced today that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of WWE 2K15 will not be released on October 28 as previously scheduled. Instead, the current-generation versions will launch three weeks later on November 18. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are still on schedule.
Bayonetta 2 review: 38/40 in Famitsu CVG 07:08AM PDT Sep 16, 2014
Two of the mag's critics gave the upcoming Wii U exclusive 9/10, while the other two awarded it a perfect score, Nintendo Everything reports. The Bayonetta 2 release date is September 20 in Japan, and October 24 in both the US and Europe. The retail version of Bayonetta 2 will come packaged with...
One of the biggest issues with any long running MMO is choosing a name for your character. It's guaranteed that any clever, lore-appropriate sequence of letters has been long bagsied by an early adopter. Then comes the desperation. "Lord Perrigrin Fluffyface"? Taken. "Armpit Switchblade"? Taken.
Destiny review: Loot Loops JS 07:00AM PDT Sep 16, 2014
Ask people what Destiny is and you'll get plenty of different answers. It's an MMO. Or a cooperative shooter. An action-filled space opera. If you believe the marketing, it's an aggressively bold interactive experience that's never been attempted before. If you ask me, it's a dungeon crawler.
When Activision announced Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare back in May, comparisons to Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall were immediately made, with claims flying that Advanced Warfare was an imitation of Titanfall because it was future-focused and had mechs.
For the first two weeks in September Xbox 360 owners were able to download Monaco: What's Yours is Mine as part of Games With Gold, but this has now been replaced with Halo Reach for the remainder of the month. Xbox One owners can currently download Super Time Force and Crimson Dragon for free for...
Forza Horizon 2 goes gold CVG 03:56AM PDT Sep 16, 2014
The open-world sequel was built on the Forza 5 engine by Playground Games for Xbox One, and separately on the Forza Horizon engine by Sumo Digital for Xbox 360. A Forza Horizon 2 demo will launch on Xbox One today, ahead of the Forza Horizon 2 release date of September 30 in North America and...
The free game klaxon is sounding. Should you answer its call within the next seven hours, you'll get a free copy of Wolfire's Receiver. It's a procedurally generated cyberpunk gun sim—modelling a weapon's every available interaction. It's good, and you can get it for nothing from the Humble Store.