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Forget trying to make the Citizen Kane of games, that's been done. Indie dev Broken Window Studios has its sights set on a far weirder goal. They want their horror game, Grave, to deliver the same discombobulating sense of strange as David Lynch's weirdo classic Eraserhead.
Following up on a recent Nintendo Direct feature, Nintendo has released a new set of Super Smash Bros. screenshots showcasing Sheik, Yoshi and Zero Suit Samus alongside newly announced Pokemon challengers Greninja and Charizard. Nintendo outlined its plans for online play in Super Smash Bros.
When it comes to Star Wars games, they don't make 'em like they used to. In the late 90s and early 2000s, the Dark Forces and Jedi Knight series married fun first-person action—full of iconic weapons and sound effects—with stories and characters from a larger fictional world. Kyle Katarn! Mara Jade!
Titanfall for Vita pitched by Sony SN 11:00AM PDT Apr 17, 2014
Titanfall wasn’t originally planned as an Xbox exclusive. Obviously, developer Respawn Entertainment had talks with Sony about bringing their game to PlayStation systems. While a PS4 version never materialized, Sony had proposed a different platform for Titanfall to land on: Vita.
The all-encompassing brolation that was the Broforce Joystiq Streams on Tuesday did not satisfy our hunger for sweet two-dimensional action. Indeed it only made the crew more ravenous for big cartoon sprites and twitchy gunplay in the grand tradition of Contra and Metal Slug.
Asymmetrical mutliplayer horror game The Flock has revealed its first gameplay footage in its debut trailer below. I've written about The Flock before, but for those who missed out on it, here's a recap: The Flock puts three to five players in the role of agile alien creatures called The Flock and...
Just a few short days after gauging interest from the PC community, Tecmo Koei have announced a PC version of Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends. The PC version will come with all the free DLC from the console originals and will come with additional graphics settings, like adjustable texture...
After an initial outing on PC which was barely serviceable—rendering at 1024x720, locked at 30 FPS with unusable mouse controls—From Software and Namco Bandai have a lot to prove with this sequel. For Dark Souls 2, PC was reportedly considered a major target platform from the start.
Last year at E3, I saw Below at an Xbox event and wasn't sure what to think. Well, that's not entirely true. I did know what to think, and it went something like this: "Boy, this is a pretty game. But holy heck does this look hard. Hey, is that Ryse?" My past self was kind of an idiot.
New Grid reveal teased for Tuesday CVG 10:02AM PDT Apr 17, 2014
The trailer shows several flashes of color accompanied by the sound of revving engines. At the end it lists 22.4.14 - this coming Tuesday - and a #racingiscoming hashtag. No other details were given, though devout motorheads may be able to suss something out from the engine noises.
The folks at the Creative Assembly are doing their darndest to make sure that Alien: Isolation look, sound, and feel like the original Alien from 1979. So, it’s critical that the game doesn’t employ any tech that would have been impossible while creating the original film.
The first official patch for Age of Wonders 3 is live. Version 1.09 of Triumph Studios' recent release corrects hardware-specific issues, registration problems, optimizes game performance and tweaks AI behavior as well as adding critical balance fixes to the game.
Joystiq's own Xav de Matos recently presented the crew with an all-too-familiar scenario: "My sister plays Candy Crush and couldn't beat a level," Xav told us, lamenting what today's youth has come to. "She paid real money to skip the stage. I told her she was the problem and yelled at her on...
A lot has been written about The Astronauts’ use of photogrammetry technology to create Ethan Carter’s environments. Their artists take thousands of photos of an object, like a rock or a bridge, then feed it into software that turns it into a minutely detailed 3D model.
It's scary, talking to strangers. You probably spent the first ten years of your life being told not to do it, the second ten years of your life trying to summon the courage to do it, and the third ten years of your life doing it but wishing that you were somewhere else.