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I sometimes forget how much time, effort and heart people will dedicate to a single game. Where I'll skim the ocean of my Steam library—fully aware that I'll one day drown—others live happily on the island of their chosen hobby. That dedication and belonging spills out of these games, too.
Teslagrad, Rain Games' 2D puzzle-platformer that sadly isn't a course based on 1980s rock band Tesla, is coming to PS4 in a boxed edition. The new physical editions are also headed to previously announced platforms of Wii U, PS3, Vita and PC, and publisher Soedesco has confirmed a US release.
The company's Xbox Live status page acknowledges that some console owners continue to face issues "accessing all game features". The most recent update, posted at 22:55 GMT on Thursday night, states: "It's come to our attention that some of you are seeing a black screen when attempting to launch...
In lieu of a promised Arena mode, Risk of Rain developers Hopoo Games are adding two new classes to their sidescrolling genre mashup instead. (It's basically a MOBA roguelike, although that doesn't feel quite right as a descriptor either.) There's no word on how these classes will behave yet, but...
With 250,000 copies shipped in under a month, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth was a bright light in an otherwise quiet quarter for Sega Sammy, games-wise. It's a solid start for Atlus' 3DS RPG, which should have appeal to both Persona and Etrian Odyssey fans.
The Bitmap Brothers' light-hearted robot-themed real-time strategy game Z: Steel Soldiers relaunches on PC today. It unlocks on Steam this evening. Digital publishers Kiss and Kavcom say they've enhanced the controls and rebooted the graphics for the latest version.
Xbox Live Gold subscribers can now download Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut free of charge until the end of the month. The ID@Xbox space sim is usually priced at £15.99. The same will apply to Crimson Dragon, although that deal doesn't appear to have gone live yet.
Sega profits in sharp decline CVG 01:53AM PDT Aug 01, 2014
For the April-June trading period, the corporation's revenue came in at £509 million, which is only slightly down on the £522 million it made during the same period last year. However, the corporation's expenses pulled its profits down significantly.
Destiny developer Bungie has detailed how you'll be able to level up beyond the game's soft level cap of 20. You can't grow your characters beyond level 20 by conventional means - collecting experience points. Once you reach 20 you'll see XP collected into Motes of Light instead.
FIFA 15 doesn't have Brazilian domestic teams, EA has announced. This is due to changes to the way players are licensed in those leagues, EA wrote in an update on the EA Sports website, without going into detail. But what if I play for Stoke? This is a change from FIFA 14, which does include...
Another Ultima game bites the dust EG 12:34AM PDT Aug 01, 2014
EA is turning off the lights at Ultima Forever, the multiplayer role-playing game for iOS devices. Its online services will shut down on 29th August 2014 at 4pm UK time. EA served notice on the Ultima Forever forum. EA shut down developer Mythic in May, so the game's closure doesn't come as much...
The video is narrated by senior producer Nick Channon, who discusses how advances in player movement "bring a heightened level of responsiveness and fluidity to gameplay" Meanwhile, a new ball physics system is said to add more variety when passing, dribbling and controlling as the ball keeps...
I still play Minecraft a lot. Usually I build fortresses and islands in the sky, and I'm often very happy with my airbourne sanctuaries. Not anymore though, because the entries in Planet Minecraft's 'Head Into The Clouds' contest easily put everything I've done to shame.
Ephemerid is a beautiful game about an unlikely beast, the mayfly, and it's now available at a reduced price of $1 on the App Store. This is a limited-time sale, so jump on it like a mayfly on corn (we don't know much about mayflies). We do know that Ephemerid is a musical adventure game and it's...
Brace yourself for an influx of neon, spaceships and robots in the Humble Weekly Bundle: Sci-Fi Edition. Available for any price you wish is Velocity Ultra, Cosmic DJ (Early Access game) and QUBE. For $6 or more, add in The Fall, Strike Suit Infinity and Strike Vector.